About Us

Who We Are

Benjamin Healthcare Staffing helps businesses achieve their goals with vetted top talent. With over 10 years of combined experience, our team sets the bar for service excellence in the healthcare services industry.

Our deliverability framework is unmatched. We consistently deliver tailored workforce management solutions to businesses with skilled healthcare candidates. Our focus on quality and delivering the right people ensures success for both our partner organizations and our employees.

Our Guiding Principles

We operate our business with the following principles:

  • Honesty: We teach our staff to be sincere, trustworthy, honorable, fair, genuine and loyal.
  • Integrity: Consistent steadfast adherence to a strict ethical code and conduct.
  • Trust: Solid and fair principles guiding character, ability, strength and truth in which client confidence is placed.

Simply put, “We walk the walk, before we begin to talk!”


Leon Benjamin

Benjamin Healthcare Staffing President

Leon F. Benjamin is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who used his 15+ years of experience in the tech, & healthcare industries to pioneer the healthcare recruitment model.

After building his first company single handedly through the use of freelancers and contractors. His passion and obsession with making the hiring process better.

BHC Staffing is the fruit of his quest to find a model for hiring the best people that results in better culture, focus and motivation – all factors necessary for top performance.


We Read Your Mind

Well… Sorta. We do our due diligence and study your company before the first call. So we know what kind of business you run before you say a word.

What We Do


We Create A Targeted Recruitment Outreach

We scan through our internal network of candidates and see if we have an ideal match. If additional candidates are needed, we to external targeted scans and outreach to only well qualified candidates.


Verify and Transmit

We screen all candidates before we submit them to any client. We make sure everyone’s time is respected and all steps completed are necessary for moving forward.

A partnership with BHC Staffing helps your organization level up and bring massive value to your team with top healthcare talent.